10 Minute Meal: Bacon and Mixed Veg Stir Fry

Servings, Time, and Ingredients

Servings: 2 - 3

Cooking Time: ~10

  • Bacon
  • Bag-o-veg
  • Light and/or Dark Soy

Nutritional Information

The following only serves as a guide. Actual figures will vary depending on specific ingredients used.

Note: Unfortunately the macro values are only estimates at this time as I am unable to find information for the vegetables used.

Protein: 12g

Fat: 15g

Carbs: 5g

Love cooking though I may, I still work a day job, social commitments, exercise, and all the other things everyone does, which is to say that time is often very scarce.

I love to slow cook, well, pretty much anything. I love to cook big, flashy things because it’s fun and people are never expecting it. But these, unless you are well prepared and have swathes of free time, are more geared towards weekend cooking.

I’ve also been getting a number of emails from curious people, asking what I would typically eat in a day, how I manage to keep it keto, but not lose evenings. So my goal for the next month or so, is to bring really easy, fast keto meals to the table (pun intended), that don’t compromise on flavor.

But seriously when did a keto meal ever compromise flavor anyway?


Though I’ve used bacon for this specific recipe, ground chicken works extremely well. I bought this 400g bag of vegetables from my local supermarket, it’s packing 6.6g carbs per 100g. I’m not sure how many net carbs, as in Australia, it’s simply not listed in a way that makes it easy to check.

Step 1: Get the heat on!

Take a large fry pan and turn it up high, a wok would be ideal, but worth with what you’ve got. Depending on its coating, greasing or oiling it is optional, I personally don’t when I’m cooking bacon though.

I cut it up into smaller pieces, like so.

Step 2: Add Vegetables

Cook the bacon as you would prefer it, I don’t concern myself with making it crispy for a stir fry, but you might. When it’s hit the right spot, throw in your bag of mixed vegetables.

Stir it through the bacon to take on flavor, and to soak up some fat. If you have a lid, I recommend putting it on to aid in cooking.

Step 3: Seasoning

At this point it needs a little kick. I add dried chili flakes, or some Mega Death, or both. But I also add in some soy, regular, and dark.

Important to note that these do have carbs, particularly the dark, but it’s still quite minimal, and you can find a brand that is lower than others. They add a lot of flavor and make it a fantastic dark color

Serve it up!

Keep stirring it around vigorously until the vegetables are cooked to a degree you like, and serve.

This photo is a little darker than it actually turned out, but you get the idea.

It’s probably lacking fat content if anything, so adding sesame oil is a great way to get it up, it also adds many layers of flavor. Give it a go and see how you like it, and be sure to change it to suit your tastes.

Bonus points if you eat it with chopsticks, too.

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