Chicken and Cheese Bake

Servings, Time, and Ingredients

Servings: 5

Cooking Time: ~1 Hour

  • 500 - 600g Chicken Breast
  • 450g Broccoli
  • 270g Carrot
  • 150g Butter
  • Cheese, lots.

Nutritional Information

The following only serves as a guide. Actual figures will vary depending on specific ingredients used.

Protein: 26g

Fat: 31g

Carbs: 9g

Even with the volume of carrots in this, it’s still a carb-counters dream, 13.5g, that’s it! Otherwise this a fantastic meal, well rounded with all the good things.

It doesn’t take too long to cook, it’s mostly just preparation, some frying, then letting it bake. It’s a pretty intense meal, and can easily serve four.


There’s actually an additional 290g of broccoli pictured that I wasn’t able to fit in, much to my dismay, because broccoli is the best vegetable, hands down.

Step 1: Dice Chicken

Dice the chicken into little pieces for the most enjoyable eating experience.

Throw it in a pan with 50g of butter.

Step 2: Carrots and Broccoli

Cut the broccoli, inclusive of the stems, and the carrot, into semi-circle shapes, and boil them so everything is mostly cooked. It will take around 10 minutes.

Step 3: Combine Chicken and Carrots

By now, the chicken should be cooked. so it’s time to add the carrots, another 50g of butter, herbs, and salt and pepper.

Step 4: Broccoli Base

Take a baking dish, and create a base of broccoli

And then layer some cheese down

Step 5: Chicken Layer

Now the most delicious layer comes into effect, the one with animal protein.

Then cheese again

Step 7: Bake

This part doesn’t take long, everything is already cooked with the exception of the cheese. I set my oven to 200ºC, and used the grill function towards the end to speed it up a little.

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