Keto Staples

Recently, I covered 20 foods that I buy very regularly. When I was thinking about it, there’s a great deal more than 20, so here’s another 19 for you!

Beef & Chicken Mince
It’s very important to not forget protein, and the best source, is animal protein. Chicken or Beef mince can be very easily cooked with a variety of vegetables. Perhaps my favorite is to use Taco Seasoning and then make lettuce-shelled tacos.

Lamb is a great meat which is, unfortunately, oft forgotten about. It’s still pretty easy to cook, but not in the same way as a steak or minced meat. That’s not to say that you can’t get minced lamb but I can’t say I would.

Ready to Bake roasts
Depending on where you live you can generally find a ready to bake roast. It’s typically a piece of meat with some seasonings in a foil tray of sorts, and as the name suggests, it’s ready to roast. If you’ve got a tight life-schedule, or who knows how many other reasons, these can be a good option. Put them in the oven and come back at whatever time it tells you to.

Haha, only kidding.

Coconut Cream
It’s nice to keep coconut cream on hand, you can whip it with sweetener as a neat dessert. I personally love to mix it with some Thai curry paste, with some chicken and bamboo shoots for an easy and filling curry.

Pesto is both delicious and ketonutritious. It’s a welcome addition to salads or, my personal favorite, chicken, with perhaps a little cheese.

Mushrooms in a can, more or less. Mushrooms are a great way to fill out a meal by volume, and they’re loaded with Potassium. Champignons, due to their size, are awesome in sauce-like meals, or pan fried in a little butter.

Eggs are, perhaps, the ultimate keto staple. You can poach, hard boil, soft boil, fry, or even scramble them. They’re great on their own (with salt and pepper to taste of course) or with, well, almost anything!

Olive Oil
Olive oil is subtle in flavor and a great way to boost fat content in almost anything you eat. My favorite use is in salad dressings!

Dried Spices
Dried spices are your carb-free gateway to flavor. I make sure to keep basil, paprika, and oregano on hand at all times.

Tasty Cheese
Tasty cheese is a very generic cheese you can add to most meals for flavor and fat. Make sure you check the protein:fat ratio before purchasing as it does vary quite a lot.

Parmesan cheese is delicious. Though higher in protein than most cheeses, it is rather sharp in flavor, and it, more or less, doesn’t melt. A fantastic addition to the top of almost anything tomato based for some variety.

Cream Cheese
It’s always a good move to keep a block of cream cheese on hand. You can use it for Keto Cheesecake, or even use it in conjunction with an egg for pancakes!

Salami is one of the unsung heroes of keto. Cured meats, aside from being extremely fatty, are also high in salt. You can take slices to work, eat it by itself, or couple with cheese, and indeed, even fry salami in a pan. It lasts for a very long time when refrigerated so you can have a stick in the fridge for emergencies.

Smoked Salmon
If bacon had an ocean-bound equivalent, it’d be smoked salmon. It’s high in all the right fats and very flavorful. It goes very well in a wide range of combinations, my favorite being wholegrain mustard and/or cream cheese.

Whipped Cream
While it isn’t particularly exciting, it can be used with other more exciting ingredients to complete a dessert. However, it does have a certain sweetness to it, and it’s loaded with fat, so it makes a great weapon against sweet cravings, whilst also being satiating.

Salty and potassium laden, Black or Kalamata olives are a great snack, or addition, to, well, everything. They do have a minimal volume of carbohydrate so make sure you don’t go too crazy!

Sugar-free drinks
Though I don’t recommend keeping a vast volume of sweet fluid on hand, keeping a 600mL Pepsi Max or similar on hand can be a good move. An easily accessible sweet tasting drink in a time of weakness can save you several days of ketoflu.

Never tried adding fetta to a curry or tomato based sauce you have? Well, you should!

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