Lunch: Keep it Simple

Lunch. It’s the meal that’s most likely to happen when you’re out of the house. When you’re adapting to a new eating style, it can be difficult to think about what you can take to work, or get when on the go. It can certainly be a challenge to consider all options, because we’re used to having carb-heavy options everywhere.

That said, some of the best choices are right under our noses, but may form an something we’re not used to.

Deli Meats

Or cold meats, depending on where you’re from. Specifically I’m talking about shaved ham, chicken, turkey, or salami. They’re affordable, delicious, and right there you have at least four varieties of meat. They keep form well, too, so if you need to be on the go and they’re not refrigerated for a few hours, it’s not a big deal (unless you’re in an extremely warm place).


I can say the same for cheese. There’s more varieties of cheese available than most foods, fetta, brie, camembert, gorgonzola, bleu, to name a few, and almost all of them are delicious (I’m not a huge fan of blue myself). Most cheese has equal, or greater, grams of fat, than protein, so it helps to balance the macros out

An Example

This is what I had for lunch today, and have been doing variations for here and there.

  • 30g Kalamata Olives
  • 57g Brie Cheese
  • 50g Colby Cheese
  • 93g Shaved Ham
  • 74g Shaved Turkey Breast

It’s also has an incredible macro breakdown, particularly for an ad hoc meal.

So next time you’re pondering lunch, think about what’s around you that you might not otherwise piece together,

And the best way to enjoy lunch?

By not having breakfast, but more on skipping breakfast in future.

6 comments on “Lunch: Keep it Simple”

  • Sam

    If you stay away from the processed meats (bologna, salami, etc.) and stick with ‘whole’ meats (turkey breast, chicken breast, roast beef – all just sliced thinly or shaved) the sodium will not be a problem. Probably more sodium in the cheeses and olives.

  • Marcia G

    In the deli meats allowed, it says salami. But now it states stay away from salami? Is hot pepper or pepper jack or Swiss cheese ok?

  • martha

    if you are doing a keto diet, you want the sodium. Salami has more fat than ham, turkey and roast beef, which is also a factor for the keto diet.

  • Peter Joel Harrison

    My son is very dedicated to this way of eating, and encourages me. I need a list of foods I can purchase at the grocery store, things that are familiar no “Hippie Foods”.

  • Bett anderson

    Very helpful. I love turkey chicken and salami. They will help me with lunches along with maybe a hard-boiled egg and some olives and cheese. Thank you

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