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What is a Ketogenic diet and why should I try it?

What is a Ketogenic diet?

A Ketogenic(keto) diet, is where the majority of calories eaten are consumed as fat.

Why should I try it?

There are a number of reasons that you may want to try Keto.

Energy Levels

The nature of the diet is extremely low carbohydrate, and because carbs trigger a massive burst of insulin, your blood sugar levels wont be riding a daily rollercoaster. As such, you will have a much, much more stable energy level throughout the day.

Weight Loss

If you are looking to trim down, a keto diet can be a great choice. The reason being the fat consumed. Fat takes a long time to burn, and is very, very satiating. This means you will feel fuller faster, and for longer, and will want to eat less overall.

Becoming Fat Adapted

Mark Sisson wrote about Fat Adaptation on his site recently, and I strongly suggest reading it, as well as the second part. Even though his site focusses on Primal Living, there’s an enormous area of overlap between Keto and Primal.

To keep things short, and save repetition, a few benefits of being fat adapted are

  • When you don’t eat, or intentionally fast, your body will burn stored fat with ease
  • You’ll have a constant, and probably higher than regular, energy level
  • When you do store fat, it will be in the right areas

How can I eat Keto?

The easiest way to do this, is to remove carbs from your diet, unless you need them, and replace those calories with fat. A Keto diet is most generally considered when you eat

  • 65% daily calories from fat
  • 30% daily calories from protein
  • 5% daily calories from carbs

The actual amount of calories required varies greatly person to person, so you’ll need to experiment to find what works for you. At large, most people aim for no more than 20—50g of carbs in any one day, closer to 20g, and indeed less, when initially adjusting.

You can enter Ketosis

Ketosis is a state in which there are a heightened level of Ketones in the body, which is associated with an abnormally high fat metabolism rate. Simply, your body is most reliant on fat and burns it as its primary fuel source.

Note: Ketones are the byproduct of burning fat for fuel

The 30% protein mentioned before, is to ensure your body isn’t breaking down muscle for sustenance.

That’s all on Ketogenic eating for now. I’ll be covering Ketosis in more detail soon, stay tuned.

2 comments on “What is a Ketogenic diet and why should I try it?”

  • Richard Castillo

    I am new to this idea of ketosis, and think I may have triggered it by accident. I recently lost 100lbs in a 10 month period, however I lost the weight in a different way. I began to smoke medical Marijuana. When you smoke sativa, it gives you a body high, and I would tend to work out. I never was much of a alcohol drinker, but big soda and candy guy. I would consume on average 10-20k calories a day. However, when you are high, sugar kills your high. So I ended up staying away from any form of sugar, and the lbs just started falling off. I now think this is what happened to me.
    However my progress has seemed to plateaued, and I now feel awakened. I look forward to more info from your blog, thank you.

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